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Best Highlighters for a Lit from Within Glow

July 26, 2018

I’m back with more of my highlighter recommendations as there are just so many, it’s hard to know where to start or what to look for…  This list features highlighters I love for a softer glow; they’re often marketed as dewy, glowing, luminous, or pearly, and you likely won’t see words like sparkly, metallic, or intense.  It’s a mix of affordable, mid- and high-end, along with cream/liquid and…

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Best Cream Highlighters – Affordable & High-End (2018)

July 25, 2018

As promised, this list focuses on the best cream highlighters (you can find my list of best liquid highlighters here).  Cream highlighters have a denser quality to them–they don’t spread and run like liquid highlighters–but they have a similar application and wear.  I’ve included the best “drugstore” cream highlighters (actually, more of my favorites are quite budget-friendly than not this time around!) along with three of the best…

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Best Liquid Highlighters – Affordable & High-End (2018)

July 23, 2018

After the highlighting trend became a craze, we started to see a slew of liquid and cream highlighter options hit the market on top of the numerous powder formulas that have found homes in our stashes.  In this post, I’ve highlighted (oh, c’mon, I couldn’t resist!) the best liquid highlighters currently available from $6 to $52 in price point.  I’d love to hear from you about what liquid…

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Best Budget Taupe Eyeshadows (Affordable Drugstore Recommendations) 2018

July 19, 2018

If you’re on a budget, the world of taupe is still vast and there are plenty of excellent options–and not just “good for the price–but good, period, full-stop.  (You won’t see me recommending something that’s so-so just because it’s “cheap.”)  These are my top recommendations for affordable, drugstore taupe eyeshadows (well, “drugstore” in terms of price, as some of the brands included are more niche/indie but still affordable!)…

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Best Berry Lipsticks

July 17, 2018

Berry lipsticks look beautiful on an array of skin tones, whether you’re warmer-toned or cooler-toned, fair or deep in complexion.  I love pairing a berry lipstick with a soft, neutral eye look (purplish taupes, mauves, or soft browns) or faded pinks or dusty purples. Here are nine of the best berry lipsticks that we’ve tried and tested that you can check out today!…